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PepeVR - Introduction

Lose yourself in this magical, mysterious and new world.
💧PepeVR; It was created with the aim of creating a brand new metaverse ecosystem. Lose yourself in this magical, mysterious and new world. PepeVR ecosystem is leading many innovations. These; Deflationary-egg system, Pepe Cities, Pepe Catch Game, PepeVR Wallet, Marketplace, Virtual Land.
💧PepeVR; It basically allows you to buy land and feel free in the metaverse world. Pepe virtual reality environments are governed by Smart Contracts, allowing token holders ability for flexible, tokenized 'in-world' interactions, rewards, voting, contests, virtual goods and more 'in-world' transactions utilizing BEP20 compliant Tokens called PepeVR.
💧 Each PepeVR Token holder will be able to participate in virtual reality space for real world celebrity concerts, award shows, tech talks, charity fund-raisers, sporting events, VR commerce, classroom learning and much more as the exciting world of virtual reality meets real world opportunity through Smart Contract governance on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).
💧 Project is basically to promote PepeVR globally and make the metaverse attractive again. PepeVR token holders will be given priority in land sales.
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