What is Virtual Reality?
💧 Virtual Reality or VR refers to an artificial, immersive environment created with the help of computer technology through sensory stimuli (such as sight and audio). VR Technology has been an entertainment source to a lot of people, households, and even businesses to accelerate customer experience. PepeVR; It offers features that will make the Metaverse universe attractive.
💧 How does Virtual Reality work? You must have come across VR games or watched a movie in the IMAX theater where they provide you with headgear/set, goggles, gloves, or suits where you can feel, see, or teleport yourself in a virtual world. VR uses the extension of the human sensory system and the basic rules of perception to create or stimulate an immersive environment. VR headset or gear is the most essential component that replaces the surroundings and stimuli with the artificial or virtual world created in software.
💧 The Gyroscopic Sensors, Accelerators, and Magnetometers installed in the headset regulate your interactions with the virtual world based on your physical movement & motions. These devices let you immerse in the virtual world by creating real-time coordination between your physical position & gesture the adjustments in the virtual environment. VR also uses Spatial Audio alongside immersive videos that give you a sense of being present at a place physically and listening to everything in detail that's happening around there.
💧 For instance, you enter a virtual simulation of a Jungle, where you can listen to the sounds of creepers, air waving through dry leaves, or the sound of flowing water all at once.