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Pepe City

💧 Pepe cities can be examined in 4 categories. These; Metropolis, Megacity, Bigtown and Smalltown.
Price Example
✨ Smalltown= x BNB
Bigtown= 2x BNB
✨ Megacity= 4x BNB
✨ Metropolis= 7x BNB
Pepe Cities; It will be in 4 categories. Many systems where you can earn passive income by purchasing Pepe Cities will be published in a second document under the name PepeCity Whitepaper. Information published accordingly; It includes the number of plots available for sale, square meters and neighborhood. Sale of all these plots will be possible only for PepeVR holders for the first 24 hours. Every wallet ( without exception ) is expected to have a Pepe avatar to participate in the land sale. Fee a wallet will pay to create an avatar is 0.5 BNB. All the money collected will be used for burning in order to maintain the deflationary nature of PepeVR.